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What if you could provide your WiFi and high-speed Internet users with consistent high-speed service, without bottlenecks or congestion issues? Goodbye to slow periods during certain times of day and change nothing on your LAN!

The truth is that it requires sophisticated I.T. staff and equipment, which equals a substantial budget. Luckily our solution solves this and many other problems in just one simple appliance!

What do we do?

We fully manage all of steps required to expedite a community-wide fiber network, which requires: property feasibility analysis, financing, underwriting, technology solutions, carrier/content provider negotiations, engineering, installation, configuration and ongoing technical support.

Choose us because we make it a simple, one step process!

  • Step 1- We Qualify Your Network

    How many units/apartment or homes are within your association? Is it professionally managed or managed by actual residents? Is the association in good financial shape? Are there lots of vacant units in your community? Are more than 30% rentals? Do you live in a high crime rate area? Do you know the average household income in your zip code? Questions like the ones above are factored into every project we consider. Please note that answering yes to any of the answers does not totally rule out our being able to help, so please reach out to us and let us do what we can to qualify your community.

  • Step 2- We Secure Project Financing

    Forget trying to get a bank loan. Forget your community's commercial credit score. Forget the hassles. We have access to capital that is not dependent upon credit, but rather based upon your community's occupants and the value of their participation. Because the fiber will be a community owned asset, everyone benefits from lower pricing, more control and revenues generated and reinvested within their community. How we bundle the financing in, along with our negotiations with providers, affords us an amount of flexibility that was not possible before.

  • Step 3- We Follow Through With Final Design & Due Diligence

    Designing a total solution begins! Gigabit Internet on top of your list? Closed circuit television with all recordings in the cloud a necessity? How about burglar alarm monitoring? Is tracking the location of seniors or children of interest to your occupants? How about community-wide WiFi? Would you like to have 100% unlimited nationwide talk available anywhere on premise? All these solutions are possible and more!

    Once the basics are drawn up, our project management team takes charge and schedules all engineering, permits and materials. Coordination with your community's management is crucial at this stage as meetings are held to educate everyone so that expectations are kept in check and all communications flow in a manner our teams can manage, track and follow up with.

  • Step 4- We Manage the Fiber Deployment

    Work begins! We train all of our crews to perform work with the utmost of professionalism and respect for your property. All activities that may cause noise, dust or disturbance are planned well in advanced and managed so as to not inconvienience occupants.

  • Step 5- We Complete Your Project and "GO LIVE"!

    Getting all of the final details done isn't tedious to us, it is a core principle. We love doing what we do and know that without taking care of what might seem to be minor details, no one would get the "big picture" especially on their tvs... So when we reach this critical stage we strive to do everything needed to make sure everyone has great service just as we intended.

  • Step 6- We Stand-By with Technical Operations & Maintenance

    Our work doesn't end when the installation is complete. We stand by our technology with people who will protect, maintain and fully support your network. Never again must you feel as though you are at the mercy of your carrier, with a mCDN® total solution you remain in control and have many options to choose from should you ever need to opt for an alternative.


Discover what Fiber-To-The-Home can do for your community

Not only does owning your network provide you with freedom, it guarantees your online future. All community-owned networks can dictate their own privacy, policy, pricing and net-neutrality preferences because it's privately owned, by you!

Our Philosophy

Based within the densely populated area of South Florida, founders of Fast FiBR addressed the inconsistent Internet service, so common in densely populated areas with overburdened networks. What this means to both property owners and occupants is an overall value, more control over quality and selection, as well as enhanced privacy. There are also handsome revenues to consider, affecting the bottom line. With our streamlined service, we help you obtain affordable, fiber-based broadband access all with no middlemen. Fast FiBR builds market driven, carrier neutral, future proof, FTTH (fiber to the home) networks capable of delivering: gigabit Internet, cable television, voice, security monitoring, card access and a number of other services! Utilizing advanced microtrenching techniques, specialized and purpose-built preterminated fiber solutions, as well as an industry leading bandwidth provisioning system, our goal is to be an enabler and operator for you, not an impediment.


  • No Up Front Costs

    We allow credit worthy organizations to actually test our units without any risk of a long term commitment. It works just as fast as tuning on a light switch, so try the unit out and see the instant improvement!

  • Carrier Neutrality

    We are not a carrier or telco, which means your network continues to operate exactly as it did before. No need to switch telco providers, call a formal meeting with your I.T. staff or interrupt existing practices.

  • Hardware Agnostic

    No matter who manufactured your network hardware or provides network software, our appliance operates as a transparent bridge, so it is invisible even to network antivirus, IDS and IPS software!

  • Error-Proof Configuration & Setup

    Installation could not be easier as no software, technical expertise or modifications to the network are needed in virtually all circumstances. Any change in network topology is adjusted in a customized and very simple web interface.

  • Completely Touchless Operation

    Since our systems are completely managed for you, the network utilization learning algorithm ensures no individual user gets more bandwidth than they're supposed to, without I.T. dealing with licenses, configurations or reading manuals.

  • Time On Your Side

    Installation only requires a 2 second interruption to your network, so you can easily install the unit during business hours or take the ultra-conservative approach and place it during a scheduled maintenance interval.

Frequently asked questions

We totally understand what you worry about and can overcome just about any challenges you may face.

What if we're under an existing contract with our provider?

Since our technology enables end users to access service from virtually anyone, your current carrier/provider is welcome to work with our team to collectively improve existing offerings. If a solution cannot be agreed to with them, many options are available to accommodate early termination of your contract and service to be taken over by another provider capable of working within the stipulations of our program. Every case is unique and we handle the entire process step-by-step.

How can you do what our current provider can't?

For one, we are not a provider. That means we are also not regulated like one and we don't have federal regulations that limit our options. So what we do is build the bridge between what your community wants and needs and connect you to the licensed, registered providers all America depends on.

So how is your mCDN® solution different?

Our mini-Content-Delivery-Network is structured similarly to the way datacenters (where websites live) function. Because gated communities are private property owned and governed by its members, our mCDN® enables unit owners and occupants the ability to dictate terms just as easily as when selecting everyday vendors such as landscapers, security and maintenance personnel.

So what's the catch? I want to know the fine print...

The good news is that there is no catch. We understand how HOAs and properties nationwide struggle to provide services while being on a budget, so our solution is totally customized to compliment the board approval process with our representatives who are able to educate board members and property managers to how the entire process flows. Our clients love what we do for them so give us a chance to help!

Some of our partners & hardware compatible providers

These manufacturers are key partners and our systems are certified for deployment on any network meeting all accreditation standards.

The most effective and lowest-cost way to bring quality, high-speed Internet and services to your community, NOW!

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